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The board has defined the following fundamental principles that are the bases of the company policy

  • Long lasting and full customer satisfaction, meaning minimizing the distance between what the client expects and what the company can provide. To guarantee not only the goods but also providing a service by training the workforce both technically and professionally. Training to analyze and understand internal and external contexts and the expectation of all the parts involved.
  • To determine our common goals and to maintain an environment within the company focused on making each employee feel involved and at ease pursuing the agreed goals that are available in the objective and indicators manual.
  • The involvement to the active participation of each employee constitutes the essence of the company;
  • The suitability of the infrastructure and a peaceful and safe working environment in compliance with the legal requirements , to achieve the highest standard for the provided goods or services;
  • Understanding how to approach things in steps and risk-based thinking, through the planning of actions to overcome risks and to see opportunities to increase efficiency to achieve said goals;
  • Systematic approach to management to identify, understand, and handle the operations of the company that are intertwined to achieve the goals and to also contribute to the efficiency of the company;
  • Continuous improvement is a fundamental and permanent goal of Faber Chimica S.r.l. with decisions that are based on data, constant monitoring of the operations, and on how they affect the environment;
  • Decisions based on data Effective decisions are based on the analysis of real data and information both logically and intuitively;
  • The handling of a mutually beneficial relationship between Faber Chimica S.r.l. and the parts involved based on the mutual growth as per the settled goals.

These fundamental principles contribute to improving the potential within the company that benefits in motivational and positive relationships with all involved.

Faber Chimica S.r.l. takes very seriously its commitment to the environment and it's aware of

  • the need to guarantee systematic data about the eco-compatibility of its activities;
  • the opportunity to better its operation in favor of the environment;
  • Involving the employees to participate actively
  • Insuring to provide continuous information and measures to control and better its operation in favor of the environment.

Faber Chimica S.r.l. commits to work towards achieving the following goals related to the environment

  • comply with all present and future requirements of international, national, and regional environmental legislation related to its operations;
  • To work on making the company operations better to benefit the environment;
  • To consciously handle its operations as much as technically and economically possible to reduce its impact on the environment;
  • To use when available raw materials that are eco-friendly;
  • Ensure transparency in the way it handles its operations to all parts involved;
  • To monitor periodically the progress towards the achievement of the goals, to Analyze the environmental indicators to measure its efficiency, and to make changes to better its operations whenever needed;
  • To continuously educate all employees to increase their knowledge, particularly those whose operations are directly or indirectly connected to environmental related elements;
  • To ensure that the operations of the suppliers do not cross its environmental policy;
  • To manage any changes related to internal and external factors, operations, legal requirements, and environmental factors to improve and optimize the company operations in compliance with said context.

The integrated policy is the guide for all employees, the goals defined in MOD01MQ05 can be reached only thanks to the complete and continuous work and commitment of all t employees of Faber Chimica S.r.l..

The integrated policy is shared within the company through the bulletin board and is also available on the website.

Faber Chimica S.r.l. commits to maintain the Certification of the Integrated Management System in compliance with the law UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 obtained through the Certiquality under the organisation ACCREDIA.