Detergente ecológico para la limpieza diaria de gres porcelánico y cerámica.

CLEAN CERAMIC is a water-based detergent made with biodegradable plant-based ingredients. The product is specific for porcelain and ceramic tiles. It's a concentrated product to be diluted in water. It leaves no residues.

CLEAN CERAMIC can be easily applied using traditional tools. It's effective against dirt without damaging the material.

Like all products in the Greentech line, CLEAN CERAMIC is eco-friendly and 100% water-based. It is made using biodegradable ingredients, will not harm health or the environment, and it comes in recyclable, biodegradable plastic.


Cerámica Craquelé

Cerámica Esmaltada

Gres Porcelánico Esmaltado Pulido

Gres Porcelánico sin Esmaltar Pulido

Gres Porcelánico Natural o Estructurado

Gres Porcelánico estructurado

SCHEDA INGREDIENTI 907-2006 CLEAN CERAMIC rev 1.0.pdf Haga clic aquí to download Ingredient Sheet